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Green thumbs beautify

Volunteers help plant perennials at Legacy Park
Neighbors gather to plant perennials at the park

If you happened to stroll through Legacy Park on Saturday April 9th in the early morning, you may have seen a group of robust volunteers with shovels in hand planting 200 perennial flowers in the bare garden beds by the Pavilion.

Eight years ago, these gardens were flaunting a host of colorful flowers and grasses. Yet, over time, many of the plants succumbed to unintentional neglect. So, when the City Parks crew agreed to remove dead plant material and repair the irrigation, Legacy Park Friends proposed a landscape design of 35 different types of flowers and agreed to provide a volunteer team to plant them. The City and Legacy Park Friends split the cost of the project, working hand-in-hand to restore the gardens around the Pavilion.

Many people deserve recognition for making this such a successful undertaking. Frankie Green and Laura Griswold did a wonderful job managing the execution of the entire project. Kelly Toadvine and Bonnie Wallin of Master Gardeners worked on the design phase of the project. With the help of Janie Little, Felicity’s Flowers provided 8 cubic yards of soil amendments and the Swansons of Chick-Fil-A need to be credited with supplying a hearty chicken biscuit breakfast. Finally, nothing could have happened without a dedicated group of about 35 volunteers in collaboration with a mighty City Parks team, who showed up with their trowels and dug right in!

The Pavilion gardens should begin to look much improved, and visitors can expect glorious display of color for many years to come.


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