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About Us

Who We Are

Legacy Park Friends (LPF) is a nonprofit organization that works in partnership with the City of Greenville, South Carolina to preserve and enhance Legacy Park. We exist to support the City of Greenville Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department through volunteerism and fund-raising with the goal of maintaining and improving the appeal, appearance, and functionality of Legacy Park.

Park History

Officially opened to the public in 2008, Legacy Park was made possible through the philanthropic legacy of John D. Hollingsworth, a local land owner and leader in the textile industry. Today it is owned and managed by the City of Greenville, South Carolina. The original design of the park was inspired by New York City’s Central Park, embodying the nature of a pastoral park in the middle of a vibrant city.


Over the years, the park has been enjoyed by thousands of visitors. However, when several key amenities of the park had fallen into disrepair by 2018, a group of nearby concerned residents launched an effort to collaborate with City leaders to restore and upgrade the stream and fountains at both ponds. Along with these welcome renovations in 2020, the playground was recently enlarged to include a new climbing net.



The approximately 18 acre park features rolling green spaces, attractive water features, a full-sized volleyball court, colorful flower beds, children’s playgrounds and paved pathways for walking, jogging, and biking.


Yet, in order to maintain a high recreational standard, private investment is essential to the sustainable vitality of Legacy Park. Currently, we are in discussions with the City to identify and pre-approve specific projects and enhancements.  As examples; plant material, additional seating and shade.

Our Leadership

Our small but dedicated executive board has been hard at work over the past 18 months establishing our official nonprofit status and a formal organizational structure so that we can fundraise effectively and be responsive to our members. Listening to people who use the park, we have partnered with the City to set clear goals for improvement. Good things are happening….new benches, new gardens, new equipment…..Volunteers are involved in park clean up and planting. As a result of this focused activity, local residents and businesses believe in the importance of financial support for Legacy Park Friends.

Pictured clockwise from upper left:

Jim Parke: Treasurer

Paul Compton: Design

Bonnie Wallin: Chair

Lisa Seal: Secretary


To Thrive, We Need Your Support

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