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Sponsors & Donors

Corporate Sponsors


Partners*  ($500+)

Beth and Skip Boswell

Patrons*  ($250-$499)

Bonnie and Bogue Wallin

Debbie and Bob Bunchman

Janie and Charles Little

Donna and Chris Przirembel

Lisa and Michael Seal

Scottie Lu and Steve Brandt

Supporters*  ($100-$249)

Cathy Dugas

Lana and Jim Parke

Two Maids Cleaning

Honorarium & Memorial Gifts


Janice and Happy Holliday
Kathleen Brenan
Kelly Phelan
Lenore Emerson
Linda and Frank O'Brien
Linda and Mike Yopp
Linda Johnson
Steve Hoover family and friends
Stevie and Bill Strange
The Chapman Foundation

Picnic Tables

Anne and Laddie Stover
Audrey McBratney
Kim Johnson
Pamela and David Rybarczyk

Design services donated by Paul Compton Design

* Donation made in 2014

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