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Spring Has Sprung...

Helping Hands

Interested in volunteering on a Legacy Park Beautification and Restoration Project?

Come to the Park Pavilion on June 12th from 9 to 11am.

Save the Date

Oktoberfest: October 4th at Think Tank Brewery

It's right off of the Swamp Rabbit Trail!

About Our Organization

Legacy Park is owned and managed by the City of Greenville, but public funds alone cannot possibly sustain our recreational “gem”. Nestled in a vibrant central location, our park draws people to play, meditate, stroll, and gather in community. We started Legacy Park Friends so that park enthusiasts could “care for what they share” through charitable giving and volunteerism.


Help Our Park Thrive!

We exist to supplement City funding and provide volunteers so that Legacy Park is a beacon for a variety of recreational endeavors. Whether people gather for a picnic to enjoy the natural beauty of big shade trees and open rolling hills or to watch their children on a comfortable bench under a shade cover at the playgrounds, the park requires constant upkeep and upgrades to satisfy people’s outdoor needs. Our donors and volunteers can make a huge difference in taking our park from an adequate to a superlative public park as it accommodates more and more visitors!

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